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"Thank you for 7 wonderful years! We really appreciate your efforts, time and talents. My son's experience during 4th and 5th grade band was not the best and I thought his pursuit of music was going to be derailed. Having you enter the scene at that time helped him turn around. You gave him support, guidance and encouragement right when he needed it. You grounded him and had a major role in his musical development through high school."

"I was very lucky when I searched the internet for a flute teacher and found you.

I believe that a good teacher is one who finds alternative ways of explaining or demonstrating if students don't understand at first.  You always did that for me.  You have been encouraging and helpful and I have always enjoyed my flute lessons with you. Thank you."

"I will forever be grateful to you for the meaningful role you have played in my daughter's life. I loved how you encouraged her and made her feel like she could reach any goal she might have from the very beginning. It has been a joy listening to her play and perform all of these years.  I know these experiences have greatly enriched her life and ours as well because of the flute music that has filled our home."

"Thank  you so much again for your wonderful coaching! Your students are sounding terrific. And thanks for your positive energy!"

(from the director of the Seattle Youth Symphony Summer Music Program)

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